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Introducing mushrooms to our menu!

It's our pleasure to announce that Weekends is (finally) adding mushrooms to our menu!

Being that we are a cafe that prides ourself on providing comforting nutritious foods, it only makes sense to add mushrooms to the mix. Besides, many of our menu items are breakfast foods and who doesn't like mushrooms with their eggs? Nobody. Right.

While mushrooms will be an add-on option for most of our current menu items (and believe us, it works well with anything!), we have also crafted two NEW menu items to highlight this new ingredient:

Breakfast Plate -- Sauteed mushrooms and onions scrambled with eggs, home fries, bacon, cheddar, and a slice of toast. Think of this as a plate with everything you'd load up on at a breakfast buffet, but better (mainly because we plate it for you).

Mushroom Melt -- Mushrooms, plenty of cheddar, rajas, and grilled tomato. Think grilled cheese, but with added health benefits.

We are thrilled to introduce these new dishes, starring the new fun guy and fun gal (get it?) at Weekends! Lastly, I did mention up top that mushrooms are great for our bodies and the environment.

- Mushrooms have been shown to boost longevity, improve digestion, aid in weight loss, and even at preventing cancer, according to Food Revolution (and many other studies and searches).

If taking care of your body AND the planet is your thing (we don't mean to tell you your 'thing' but it should be all of our 'things'), according to Paul Stamets' studies and TED talk "6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The Planet".

We look forward to seeing you soon and hope you'll spread the word about the wonderful world of mushrooms, and more specifically, how we're serving them up at Weekends.


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